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Vintage Port

Vintage Port

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Tour Date: 12th to 19th or 22nd September 2024

Location: Portugal

You are invited to join us on a unique holiday to the stunning Douro Valley Port Wine area of northern Portugal, the world’s first demarcated wine region (for the production of Port), and to the historic city of Porto itself. Following the Douro upstream, we discover a world of steeply terraced vineyards producing fine wines and ports. The only way to see this beautiful region is by rail and river (there are few roads in the valley itself). The first half of our tour is based on the river right in the centre of this stunning region and includes several scenic rail trips as well as two half-day river cruises.

We honestly believe that you will not better this holiday for enjoyment and scenery. It is also our longest running tour now in its 20th year. Many of the trains on this line are now diesel loco hauled with 1940s Schindler carriages with opening windows, a huge improvement on the previous rolling stock.


Our hotel in Régua has its own pool and restaurant/bar.


Your Tour Manager for this trip is David, who lives in Lisbon. Should you have any queries about the itinerary or if you wish to have a chat with him about the trip, please feel free to e-mail him on
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