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The Railways Around Bilbao (deposit)

The Railways Around Bilbao (deposit)

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Based centrally located near the Old Town, tram, metro and railway, we will have time to discover the best of Bilbao as well as exploring other parts of the Basque Country.

Our tour includes two cruises, one on the river from Bilbao city centre to the river mouth, and a second along the scenic coastline at Bermeo, three funiculars, including the oldest in the Basque Country, and scenic rail journeys to Bermeo, San Sebastian and Miranda de Ebro. We also visit the famous Vizcaya Transporter Bridge, including a guided tour over the top of the bridge.

Bilbao itself is no longer the grey industrial city it once was. Nowadays the Basque capital is a modern, vibrant city with many attractions for visitors, most famous of all being the Guggenheim Museum. But it still has a typical Old Town, and indeed our hotel is conveniently located in this part of the city.

Transport-wise, Bilbao has an excellent integrated transport system, consisting of buses, a tram line, a metro and the Euskotren metre-gauge railway. Other suburban trains are operated by RENFE and FEVE, so for rail fans, there is no shortage of lines to explore! While central Bilbao is quite flat, the suburbs are hillier, so you will find several railway stations connected to the suburbs they serve by modern lifts and funiculars.

We will fly into and out of Bilbao Airport, but it is also possible to travel overland (additional overnight stays en-route many be necessary) and even by sea, with routes connecting Cork, Plymouth and Portsmouth to Santander and Bilbao.

If you haven’t explored Bilbao and the Basque Country, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Your Tour Manager for this trip will be Marion. If you have any questions about the itinerary, please feel free to contact him at

From: Gatwick, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, London St Pancras

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