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Rail Wonders of Sardinia, Pisa and Corsica (deposit)

Rail Wonders of Sardinia, Pisa and Corsica (deposit)

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Think of the Douro Valley in Portugal—though here in Sardinia the narrow-gauge lines are longer and the best sections are still open for tourist trains (and charter hire).

Our tour of Sardinia gives you the chance to travel over every open railway line on the island, both standard and narrow gauge, and includes the two tramway systems.

Corsica, the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean is also called “The island of beauty”; a veritable mountain in the sea and an island of strong character. Just look at the wild and rugged natural environment and the island’s tumultuous history. We start our tour in Pisa and tour the sights before travelling to Corsica and its narrow-gauge lines.

Tour Manager: Gabriela

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